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Our current expedition will be “A Tribute to Shackleton” as we attempt the First Full Unsupported Ski Crossing of Antarctica.

This authenticated 110 day, 2600km unsupported full coast to coast ski crossing of Antarctica will finish in February 2022, almost exactly 100 years after the passing of the great Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Throughout the expedition we will be acknowledging Shackleton’s life and legacy and pay tribute to all previous heroic era and modern day explorers.


The last great first

For the past decade, our team of accomplished medical professionals, adventurers, teachers and environmentalists have explored the planets fragile Arctic, Antarctic and African wilderness, completing various award winning and world first expeditions.

These campaigns have not only developed our understanding of our own physical and emotional limits, but have also enabled us to contribute to conservation, community development, healthcare and education through our various partnerships.

We welcome you to explore this window into our world, by joining our network and following our expeditions.



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“The Last Great First will attempt to redress what history has not yet relinquished – a full unsupported coast to coast ski crossing of Antarctica”

Eric Philips OAM – Master Polar Guide

“The Last Great First Team imbody all of our core values innovation, bravery, team work. We could not be prouder to work with them and have them as Ambassadors for our work.”

Dr Dominic Pimenta, NHS – Healthcare Workers Foundation