Exploration and adventure is our deep and life-long passion. Growing up on stories from the golden ages of Polar exploration and wilderness discovery gave us a yearning to become part of this great history of human endeavour. Coupled with a deep respect and sense of wonder at the natural world and the Earth’s great wild places, we have been forging a narrative of adventure that has led us inexorably to The Last Great First.

Join us on our adventure. We promise to share with you our stories of success and failure, hardship and endurance, wonder and achievement as we travel on this greatest of journeys.

We invite you to become a part of our team alongside our partners, sponsors and patrons, helping to make this most ambitious of expeditions a reality.

Welcome to “The Last Great First”


“…We longed keenly for the day when we could begin this march, the last great adventure in the history of South Pole exploration…”

Ernest Shackleton

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Adventure and exploration bring us as close as possible to the natural environment of the World’s last great wilderness areas. Our stories of expeditions through harsh and unforgiving but incredibly beautiful and emotive landscapes can bring inspiration and insight into what made us into the team we are today. Look back on some of our past expeditions to share the adventure.


Climate Change is real and something we all need to accept in order to safe guard our futures. We have all seen the shocking images, stories of deforestation, coral bleaching and melting polar ice caps yet we all feel so helpless.
Together with our various partners, we bring you stories from the ice, interviews with experts and messages of hope as well as calls to action and educational tools you can use to better understand your impact on the environment and what to do about it.


The Last Great First team have had the privilege to work with some outstanding organisations over the years as we have worked towards our Antarctic goal.  


The ancient art of storytelling has transformed into a digital platform and is now accessible to all at any time. Our attention is constantly being demanded by those around us and by the unknown.

For this reason we have ensured we partner with organisations that not only resonate with us as explorers and adventurers pursuing the unknown, but also have stores worth sharing.

Our digital media will be managed through the Pin Media Productions and explore4knowledge teams.


Our dreams remain only that, dreams unless we are able to act upon them and we are extremely grateful that over the years we have been supported by various partners and sponsors on a global and local level. 

Without the support of these individuals, community groups and corporates we would not have achieved all we have to date.

Thank you.