As Doctors we have seen first had the devastation caused by COVID 19, not only to our patients but also to our fellow front line workers for this reason we are excited to be supporting HEROES. It exist to support the welfare and wellbeing of those fighting to keep us healthy and safe, through physical and mental services, now, and beyond.

We have been exploring polar regions together for over a decade and had begun training for Antarctica before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. As doctors first and foremost, we put our poles down to help out on the frontline, witnessing first-hand the tremendous strain placed on our co-workers. Through HEROES, we realise that in order to protect our country, we must help those who have shown incredible courage and tireless commitment in the face of this unprecedented crisis. This is our opportunity to help our colleagues; from doctors and nurses to cleaners and porters. 

As part of our mission to be the first people in history to ski across Antarctica unsupported, and breaking a world record in doing so, we aim to raise £1million for HEROES through a series of individual and corporate events, activities and sponsorships.  

This sum will provide 51,000 visors, 43,750 gowns, 53,450 scrubs, 4,000 respirator masks and 100 childcare grants at the value of £1,500/grant for NHS workers. 

£1million for the Health Workers Foundation 

Outer Coastline to Outer Coastline